TEMPLE BANDS provide a unique and bespoke service to those wishing to hire for parties, weddings, corporate functions, festivals, live music venues and more.
Because the TEMPLE BAND musicians perform in any lineup of YOUR choice, it provides YOU with the freedom to create the perfect setup and vibe for your event, enabling you to cater perfectly for the space, budget and venue options that you have available.
In addition to having total freedom of band lineup, we also provide YOU with the freedom to design your own band play list. Temple Bands cover a VERY vast range of songs and genres, so by letting us know what you like, we can tailor those songs to suit you and your guests alike. Please browse our extensive set list.
And remember... ALL of the TEMPLE BAND options are a combination of the same group of top musicians, so however many 'pieces of temple' you choose and whatever genres you request... the quality remains.
-Prices vary depending on the size of the lineups you choose, the amount of playing time you require and the location your event is being held at so please get in touch with details and we will provide a speedy and detailed quote.
Have fun building your very own Temple!
TEMPLE BANDS offer a wide range of different options for weddings that vary from ceremony performances, to afternoon background music, to evening party entertainment or ALL of the above in the form of a day and evening package. The choice is entirely yours.
Many of our clients choose for us to cater for their music options for the entire day and evening.
  • 2 Piece Temple acoustic duo perform for the ceremony playing entrance, register and exit songs of your choice.
  • 3 or 4 Piece Temple acoustic trio or quartet then play for your guests during afternoon reception and/or breakfast for 2 x 45 minutes sets of upbeat background music.
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 Piece Temple then provide the live electric entertainment for your guests to dance the remainder of the evening away.
  • We also provide the DJ playlist music in between the live music sets... so the entire day and night is very much covered!
  • The extra advantage of this type of package is that the overall costs are lower than paying for individual services as all musicians are already there and can discount costs for each part of the day. You also have just ONE point of contact for the entire day and night... WENDY, the fab and friendly singer!
Of course, if you would simply like any of the lineups to perform for a sole element of your day, we offer that also! So please do get in touch with details and requirements for a quote.



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